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Traditional dentures or a dental bridge present their own challenges; when you have had either of these devices for a while, you may have become used to these challenges. But when your dentures slip out when least you expect them to, and embarrass you in the process, it could be time to investigate getting dental implants. These suggestions have been put together to help you decide on whether you want to have dental implants or not.

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If you only need one tooth replaced, a mini dental implant may be your best option. Mini dental implants are also a great option if you have dentures and want extra support to hold them in place or if traditional dental implants are inconvenient. A dental implant is permanent and doesn’t require alot of care to maintain. On the other hand, you will need to replace your dentures or bridges within about 10 years.

Dental implants are currently the only known dental restoration method that has been proven to not only preserve bone but additionally stimulate natural bone growth. Traditional dentures have been known to slip or even fall out, which causes problems no one wants to deal with. The dental implants act like the teeth you were born with, so you do not have problems with slipping.

Dental implants work by attaching a natural-looking tooth to a metal rod designed to interface safely with jawbone and tissue. The rods bond with your jawbone to be able to produce a permanent connection that can grow stronger over time. Implants perform and look just as good as the natural teeth of any healthy adult.

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Maintenance practices for dental implants are not as hard as for dentures. You can keep your implants healthy and good looking by making use of the same basic hygiene practices you use in maintaining your natural teeth. There can be additional maintenance practices that your implant dentist can outline so as to maintain your implants.

Even though dental implants are the latest in dental restoration, it might be they may need an adjustment over time. This minor maintenance is easy to manage as long as it is done by a qualified dentist. If you keep with the care outlined by your dentist, you can have your implants for the rest of your life. Dental implants truly are a permanent solution for tooth loss that you do not take out at night.

When it involves dental implants, quality work can often be defined by expertise and background. Experienced implant specialists produce results that are indistinguishable from natural teeth. Aside from your dentist’s personal skills and knowledge, you should also check out what kind of dental technology they use when installing dental implants. The technology and the skill of a dental implant dentist are just two reasons that should persuade you to work with the specialist.

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